A recent study released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University found that 6.8 million households in the U.S. reported difficulties navigating their homes. These difficulties include entering the house, using the bathroom and kitchen, and simply getting around. Do these issues sound familiar? We’re here to help. Adding accessibility features could significantly decrease the instances of these difficulties. Mission Health + Home outlined some benefits of building an accessible home to accommodate your loved ones.

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What is an Accessible Home?

Like many others, when you hear “accessible home,” you probably picture a wheelchair ramp–but it goes so much further than that. Simply put, an accessible home is a house, apartment, condo, etc., with accommodations for persons of all abilities—including: wheelchair ramps, stairlifts, ceiling lifts, and other remodeling projects. These accommodations may be installed at the time of building or added later on. They are designed to increase mobility, freedom, quality of life, and more.

How Accessible Homes Benefit People with Mobility Issues

1. Improved Quality of Life

The main benefit of building an accessible home is how it will drastically improve the quality of life of your disabled loved one. With accessibility remodeling, the home will be built and improved to meet their specific needs. They will no longer have to make sacrifices to feel safe or comfortable; instead, their home is built to properly serve them.

2. Increased Mobility

For those with limited mobility, it can feel like they are constantly trapped in one space. Mobility accommodations allow for greater freedom of movement around the home. This can help them feel less confined and more independent.

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3. Greater Mental Health

Mobility issues can be seriously detrimental to one’s mental health, especially if they were brought on suddenly or by a traumatic event. According to the CDC, adults with disabilities are five times as likely to suffer from mental distress than those without disabilities. Furthermore, more than half of all adults with mobility disabilities reported mental distress. They also state that the severity of mental distress can be improved by more access to care and support services, including accessibility accommodations.

4. Safety & Comfort

Your home should be your number one safe space–but when you have limited mobility, the whole world can feel unsafe. At Mission Health + Home, it is our main priority to make you feel safe, comfortable, and happy in your home again. Adding accommodations to your home will not only make you and your loved one feel safe from the dangers of the outside world but comfortable knowing their home is made to assist them, not confine them.

5. Sense of Normalcy

It can be difficult to feel “normal” after a major life change. When someone goes through an event that completely alters their way of life and abilities, it immediately feels like their whole world is turned upside down. One of the goals of an accessible home is to create a sense of normalcy in the home. When the rest of the world feels foreign and difficult to navigate, accommodations can make your house feel like your safe place again.

Get an Accessible Home With Mission Health + Home

When you are living with a disability, it can feel like the world is against you. With an accessible home, you can finally feel comfortable again. With accommodations designed to meet your specific mobility needs, you no longer have to worry about navigating your home.

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