Add a Custom Deck Ramp to Your Home

Summer is just around the corner, which means we’re finally seeing some nice weather in Rochester! Did you know that sunshine and warm temperatures have many proven health benefits? More sunshine and warm temperatures means more time outside, so you need to be able to get safely on and off your deck. That means a custom deck ramp is the perfect solution to aid in your loved one’s recovery this season.

Mission Health + Home has compiled a list of benefits that show just how much having a deck ramp installed can help with recovery and mobility for those dealing with injuries, illness, or a disability. If you are in Rochester, NY, or the surrounding areas and are interested in a custom deck ramp for your home, contact Mission Health + Home today for more information!

Take Your Recovery Outside

For individuals who are recovering or living with limited mobility, spending time outside may actually strengthen their recovery. A deck ramp is a wonderful feature for anyone with mobility issues as it allows them to get out of the house more frequently and with less difficulty. Take advantage of the sunlight and warm weather while you can!

Overall Wellness

Sunlight is an essential component of overall health and wellbeing for every human, but especially those dealing with health issues or injuries. According to Medical News Today, some of these benefits include: promoting a sensation of well-being, boosting the immune system, relieving pain, promoting relaxation, and helping wounds heal. The benefits of natural light are endless!

Pain Relief

Vitamin D from sunlight is also beneficial in supporting bone health and pain relief. Yes, that’s right–exposure to UVB rays actually causes your skin to produce beta-endorphins which decrease pain! Individuals recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain may find a sense of relief after spending time out in the sun.

Stronger Mental Health

Mental health is something that often suffers when a person’s ability is limited. Spending time outside regularly is a surefire way to boost mental wellness. Access to sunlight and Vitamin D is proven to better one’s mood and is even considered a treatment for depression. After months of being indoors during our relentless Western New York winters, warm weather and time spent out of the house can make you feel like a new person.

How A Custom Deck Ramp Can Help

A custom deck ramp is a home modification designed to increase accessibility and mobility outside. At Mission Health + Home, we design and install custom deck ramps that are specifically suited to your needs and situation. Our goal is to provide a solution that brings you comfort and peace of mind in your home. If you have a deck or porch in your yard, we can add a ramp for easy access. Contact us to learn more!

Increased Mobility

For individuals who are homebound, it can be difficult to be confined to only one location. Having easy outdoor access provides a change of scenery that is highly beneficial. This also benefits caregivers who previously had to deal with the difficulties of changing locations. A deck ramp may also provide a level of independence that the individual may not have had before.

Sense of Comfort & Normalcy

You don’t have to miss out on quality time with family and friends this summer. A custom deck ramp allows you to get outside with minimal difficulty. It can make your house feel like your home again, not just a space you are confined to.

Choose Mission Health + Home!

Do you think a custom deck ramp would benefit you or your loved one with limited mobility? You’ve come to the right place! If you are in Rochester, NY, or the surrounding areas, choose the experts at Mission Health + Home to build a deck ramp customized to your needs. Contact us today!