Written by Jonathan Walters – jonathan@missionhealthandhome.com

5 Reasons a Tub to Shower Conversion is the Smart Choice!

We often receive calls and emails from homeowners, family members, or caregivers who are struggling to determine the best way to make showering or bathing a safe process in their current home environment.  Cramped bathroom layouts, outdated tubs, slippery floors, and lack of supports can make it not just challenging – but unsafe for those choosing to Age in Place or dealing with other physical limitations.  We have listed 5 Reasons why considering a Tub to Shower Conversion is not only a smart choice today – but offers long term benefits as well.

Space – Gone are the days of the closed-in ‘surround’ style of tub and bath area.  It’s time to open up that area and let the sunshine in! A true barrier-free shower allows more space to install grab bars, set up bath seating, and ensures less risk of falls. With no cumbersome tub walls to climb over, there will not only be more room in the shower area but more room in your bathroom as a whole.

Safety – With over 230,000 Americans falling in the bathroom of their home every year, it is no wonder that this can sometimes feel like the most dangerous room in the house – but it doesn’t have to.  Converting to a barrier-free shower space prevents the ‘pelican pose’.  This classic posture of standing on one leg while lifting the other to hurdle over the tub wall creates an incredibly high risk of falls and injury due to compromised balance.  Remove the wall = prevent the fall. Keep both feet on the ground and you will be safer and more secure.

Spotless –  Older tubs are made with hard to clean surfaces and materials that require much scrubbing and maintenance to keep them clean, no one wants to do. Once you make the switch from an outdated tub to a modern, barrier-free shower, the amount of maintenance drops significantly. Today’s walk-in showers are built with durable marine-grade materials with built-in technology that helps prevent both mold and mildew, allowing your new shower to keep its sparkle. Our Barrier Coat creates a durable, tight seal against the water that may seep into the grout over time — keeping water where it belongs. This prevents the build-up of mildew and mold behind the shower enclosure, protecting your walls from water damage.

Style – Pick your color, pick your tile, make it your own.  With designer options available to fit any decor including unique patterns, ceramic and stone tile insets, shower niches, and a variety of colors – the options are virtually limitless when it comes to selecting a product to meet your needs and match your style!  Utilizing the principles of Universal Design, our tub to shower conversions feature key points of usability for people of all ages and abilities.

Sell – Ability – A tub to shower conversion sounds great – but what about when you want to sell the house?  You can choose with confidence knowing that the BestBath system offered by Mission Health and Home comes standard with a world-class, 30-year warranty against manufacturer defects.   The future owners of your home will be grateful you avoided the big box stores and instead chose to install a premier tub conversion product.

A custom tub to shower conversion can prevent falls, renew your space, and offer a great selling feature for the future of your home.  Choose to protect your health and design a solution that looks beautiful – that’s a smart choice!