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Accora Floor Bed PLUS

Dimensions (w x l): 42″ x 80”

Patient weight: 496 lbs

Lifting range (excl. mattress):3.1″ – 25.6″

Profiling functions: Backrest with Auto-regression, Kneebreak, Anti-Trendelenburg, Trendelenburg

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At just 2.8” FloorBed 1 Plus is a little higher than a tennis ball, reducing the risk of injury from falls. It rises to full nursing height to facilitate care tasks and offers comprehensive functional and clinical benefits to maximize user safety. With its wider mattress platform, FloorBed 1 Plus aids with mobility and independence of larger service users.

Benefits of the low rise function:

  • Reduce risk of injury following a fall from bed
  • Reduce requirement for side rails
  • Remove risks associated with side rails
  • Reduce user agitation
  • Enable independent transfers
  • Enable independent leg lift into bed

Benefits of profiling bed functions:

  • Nursing height
  • Compatible with specialist mattress systems
  • No trailing wires
  • Back rest/elevation
  • Knee break
  • Bed Extension