Bluechip Prevent Elite Series

  • Tri-Laminate Design
  • Perfectly matched Med-Flex™ PPF™ foams throughout all layers
  • Dual-layer exclusive pressure-redistribution Reflect™ SCT™ design
  • High-density Med-Flex™ PPF™ foam bottom layer
  • Exclusive Heel Wrap™ PPF™ foam with Sphere™ design in top layer for maximum prevention of heel ulcers
  • Vyvex II™ Low shear nylon, fluid proof top cover
  • Barrier Lok™ infection control system
  • All Med-Flex™ PPF™ foams and cover materials are anti-microbial and fire retardant
  • 6 year non-prorated warranty


The Pre-Vent II Elite® bariatric therapeutic pressure redistributing foam mattress is the culmination of extensive research and testing. Blue Chip Medical’s exclusive Sphere™, Reflect™ SCT™, and Multi-Flex™ designs react to bodyweight displacement across the entire surface. This prevents and relieves pressure sores by keeping the body in a constant state of suspension; Prevention by Suspension™.