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Go Lift Portable

  • 450lbs lifting capacity with 6bs motor
  • Quick Connect Magnetic Hand Control
  • Fingertouch Control on Unit
  • Reacher Bar
  • Emergency Stop and Lowering
  • Industry Leading Strength and Reliability
  • Easily to Move for Multiple Transfer Points
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The Amico GoLift Portable450 system is designed for clinicians to easily transfer a patient lift from room to room. The Amico GoLift Portable450 system is the smallest and lightest portable patient lift on the market today, weighing only 6lbs. This makes the transition of the lift from room to room easy and possible. The GoLift Portable450 can lift up to 450lbs, catering to a wide variety of patient clientele. The seamless design comprises of capacitive touch, wireless (optional) Bluetooth (optional) hand remote, and magnetic attachments, allowing for easy cleaning and infection prevention.

The anatomy of the Amico GoLift Portable450, has an impressive set of all metal gears and state-of-the-art battery technology. The nickel metal hydride battery allows for triple the charge volume, permitting up to 55 lifts per charge- pending patient weight. In addition, the revolutionary trolley design allows for quick installation of the trolley into and out of the track, and can be integrated into any track system.