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GoLift Patient Lift

  • Soft touch hand control for easy use
  • Carry bar connects to GoLift with a single button
  • GoLift weighs approximately 10 lbs, carry bar weighs approximately 5 lbs
  • No tools are required to disconnect the GoLift from the track
  • Two LED indicators to indicate charging, lowering, emergency mode
  • 400lbs & 700lbs lift capacity units
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The Amico GoLift is a ceiling lift system designed to transfer and position patients. The GoLift was created to be aesthetically pleasing yet incredibly efficient. In an effort to address infection prevention and control requirements, we incorporated smooth edges and round corners on the GoLift ceiling lift, carry bar, and capacitive touch hand control. This elimination of crevices minimizes the transmission of microorganisms and maximizes effective cleaning. The GoLift is activated with a single light touch to either the up or down arrow on the hand control.

When looking at the anatomy of the GoLift, you will find an impressive set of all metal gears and state-of-the-art battery technology that allow the caregiver to safely and effortlessly transfer a patient weighing up to 700lbs (318 kg) on a single lift. A GoLift system lifting up to 400lbs (181 kg) is also available. For larger patients, you may combine two compact GoLift 700 systems to obtain a lifting capacity of 1000lbs (454 kg). In addition, our revolutionary trolley design allows for quick installation of the ceiling lift into and out of the track. The trolley also provides an instant mechanical and electrical connection while our modular track system gives you tremendous flexibility so that your workspace may be optimized to suit your needs for any working environment.