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iOS or Android ? Housemate is compatible with both. You choose.

Imagine being able to control everything from one device: Turn on your room lights and close the curtains. Change channels on your TV and turn up the heating. Answer a phone call and send some texts. Browse the Internet, play some music or watch YouTube. HouseMate hardware in combination with an iOS device enables you to do this and much more.

ClickToPhone is a comprehensive user interface that simplifies and integrates the functions of a smartphone together with environmental control seamlessly into one package. It is primarily designed to enable people with disabilities to FULLY control their Android smart-phone or tablet. With a single switch, or joystick, a user can make calls, send and receive texts, view pictures, play music, access the internet and much more.

ClickToPhone is also suitable for Seniors and other touchscreen users who require a simplified smartphone GUI that replaces the phone’s native launcher.

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Connect your switch

You can operate HouseMate with it’s built-in switch or you can connect up to five external switches. For joystick users interface cables are available for popular wheelchair controls.

Launch the app

HouseMate is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Pressing your switch starts the scanning on the screen. Launch the HouseMate app to begin environmental control.

Control your house

The app uses symbols to represent the appliances in your house. When you choose a symbol the control box transmits the corresponding InfraRed or Radio signal.