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Transform your world with our accessible home automation and computer control solutions.

The Servus Controller is a small Windows based tablet computer that takes complete control of your world. Running our Grid 3 software and with a BackBox of environmental controllers, the switch interface and additional USB port, the Servus 10 Controller has everything you need to control everything from TV’s, DVD players, plugs, lights, curtains and more.

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Grid Pad for Environment control

Whether at home, work or school, our devices enable you to overcome physical limitations and live as independently as possible. The Servus devices are built to control your environment, using radio and infared technology. Operate TV’s, Hi-fi units, DVD and Blu-ray players,  sockets, alarms, doors, and windows.

Computer control

Computer Control in Grid 3 software puts you in the driving seat, with all of the tools you need to access your computer using eye gaze, pointing devices or switch. Grid sets enable you to control every application you need for home, school or work

Environmental Controls

Grid 3 Software is ready to control your environment, with built in Servus grid sets and simple setup for all of your infrared devices. For popular devices there are included remote files. Vocal users can also use voice control to activate the device and control their environment.