Written by Joe Ferrante – joe@missionhealthandhome.com

One of the core values that drives the staff of Mission Health and Home is “WORK HARD TO KEEP LEARNING.” Whether it is personal development as individuals, team book studies to become a more unified and effective team, or ongoing product training and certifications to become more knowledgeable in our industry; we work hard to Keep Learning so that we can carry out our purpose, which is: To give others the opportunity for a better life.

This value isn’t something we keep to ourselves; we are committed to empowering our partners with opportunities to learn through innovative in-services and ongoing training. Practical yet fun training on the products, modalities, and services we offer is a natural extension of our mission. We believe that when nurses and clinicians are empowered with best practices and ongoing product training, it can improve patient care quality.

Covid certainly made this commitment to learning slightly more challenging, but as with any challenge, there is always opportunity. With the protocols and facility safety lockdowns in Long Term Care, education moved to digital. As we all have experienced with “ZOOM,” education can sometimes lack the hands-on and practical learning nurses value. So we thought “inside” the box of the social distance protocols of our facilities for an effective and safe way to keep learning.

We were able to get the clinical staff outside in the fresh air and enable them with hands-on competency training with our products. As an added bonus, we partnered with our friends at Desiatos Deli to provide some tailgate-style and Covid safe, individually wrapped lunches.

Here is what some of our clinical friends had to say.

“The idea of a tailgate in-service was wonderful and educational. It’s more important that the information is accurate than where it is delivered from.”

– Carolyn Nurse Educator LTC

“I wanted to thank you for a great in-service yesterday on the wound vacs. I am a new nurse educator… It was empowering to be educated about the wound vacs as I have not been on the floor for a while.”

– Andrea Nurse Educator LTC

“Staff felt more at ease after in-service, staff expressed that wound vacs “seem” easier than it sounds. We are very thankful for you coming in today.”

– Val Nurse Educator LTC

Thank you to our Long Term Care partners for the opportunity to “tailgate for education” this fall.

If your facility is looking for innovative and practical education, give us a call today, (585) 203-9200.