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Smart. Efficient. Connected.


We are proud to partner with VirtueRN, an online product ordering, management, and billing platform that will streamline your facility’s specialty equipment needs.

VirtueRN provides a seamless and efficient way for key stakeholders including clinical staff, utilization managers, finance, and administration to have direct access to equipment being ordered, room and delivery locations, as well as enhanced financial controls.

Clinical Staff

You know what’s best for your patients. Use the online portal to easily match the right product to the their specific needs.


Utilization Mgr

Always know when and where items are delivered and picked up. Eliminate chasing paperwork and better manage inventory.

Finance Team

Get direct access to improving account management, including transparent product pricing and daily billing information.


Gather live data on equipment utilization, historical ordering trends, and future cost forecasting.

Our goal is to save time, control costs, and give you the peace of mind that the right product is where it needs to be – when it needs to be there.

Schedule a meeting now to learn more about our online ordering platform and what it can do to improve your facility’s care, efficiency, and finances.