Hi there! My name is Matt, and I’m one of Mission Health and Home’s Certified Aging in Place Specialists. We get many calls from people who are having a harder and harder time getting up their stairs. This can be a real problem when their only bedroom and/or full bathroom is on the second floor. Other families have their laundry in the basement and don’t feel safe walking up and down with the clothes. Most of the time, that type of staircase is what we call a “straight-shot.” A “straight-shot” staircase goes from the bottom to the top without any landings in between, and it doesn’t make any left, right, or 180 degree turns on the way to the next floor. This type of staircase calls for a straight stairlift, which can be installed and fit to almost any home that matches the “straight-shot” scenario. What happens, though, when there is a landing or a turn in your staircase? My recommendation is nearly always a curved stairlift.

A curved stairlift from Bruno Independent Living Aids is custom built to your stairs. It is a single chair that rides on a single rail, it can take you to each landing you need to access, which is great for split level homes that may have two to four floors to access from the same staircase, and it is built to last.

Here at Mission Health and Home, we conduct free home assessments to help people determine which accessibility solution is right for them, their home, and their budget. If a curved stairlift is the right fit for your situation, then we do an in-depth photosurvey assessment of your space, taking precise measurements and photos in order to create a 3D image of your stairs. The designers at Bruno use this information to construct your stairlift specifically for your home, taking into account every inch available to make the lift both compact and safe for you to use.

This construction process takes about two to four weeks from the time we send them our photosurvey. After we receive your lift from Bruno and schedule a date with you for the install, our installation team can almost always build the lift into your home in a day or less. When it’s complete, we will give you a complete walkthrough of how it works and how best to care for the lift as you begin to use it day in and day out. Our hope is that after we are finished with the project, you will once again feel comfortable and confident while still living in your own home.