Elevate Your Patient Care

Proactive Patient Handling

How you transfer patients is not only critical to their recovery ‒ it’s also crucial to the safety of your staff.

At Mission Health + Home, we provide a variety of patient handling solutions for your unique facility and patient handling needs. From pressure relief mattresses to positioning chairs and patient lifts, let us help you design a customized safety-driven solution.

Based in Rochester, NY, we are a leading provider of ceiling lifts, wound care supplies, and support surfaces products in Western and Central New York. If you are a clinician in Rochester, Syracuse, or the Greater Buffalo-Niagara region, we invite you to get in touch with us today!

Specialty Beds

Prioritize practicality, functionality, and cost-efficiency when it comes to selecting the appropriate hospital beds for your facility.

Modern hospital beds are designed to improve the safety and functionality of patient care settings, reduce injuries, and minimize physical strain on clinicians and healthcare workers. Mission Health can help you choose the right specialty mattresses for the quality of life for patients and staff as a whole.

What types of specialty beds are available?

Today, specialty beds come with a variety of features. From Fully electric homecare beds, Low beds that not only reduce falls but eliminate them, to Heavy Duty Bariatric beds. Each one of the beds Mission Health and Home carries, can enhance patient positioning and help reduce pressure injuries and accelerate the healing process.

Patient Lifts

Transport patients safely and effectively while minimizing strain on healthcare staff with advanced, custom-designed patient lifts.

Mission Health supplies and installs mobile, sit-to-stand, and heavy-duty floor lifts for nearly all lifting and extended care applications. After performing an assessment of your facility, our team will walk you through choosing the right equipment to best accommodate the needs of your patients and caregivers.

Does your facility need patient lifts?

Patient lifts can support caregivers who perform extensive patient handling tasks in their day-to-day. Patient handling tasks include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Lifting patients out of bed
  • Transferring patients from beds to toilets, showers, or chairs
  • Horizontal lifting

If your patients have limited mobility, or if you manage a long-term care facility, an acute care wing in a hospital, or employ home healthcare workers, patient lifts can make it easy to maneuver and carry patients of all weight ranges.

Positioning Chairs

With adjustable positioning chairs, you’ll provide better pressure management for patients and prevent falls. These chairs also alleviate strenuous patient handling, make it easier for staff to change incontinence products, and reduce the need for frequent observation.
What are the benefits of positioning chairs?
Seating and positioning chairs provide safe, seamless, and comfortable support without the use of restraints. They improve posture, promote better oxygen flow throughout the body, aid in feeding, and optimize a patient’s overall comfort.

With up to 40° of adjustable seat tilt and up to 90° of adjustable back recline, your patients can receive adequate, custom-adjusted back and leg rest without slipping and sliding. Positioning chairs also support Trendelenburg positioning.

Promote long-term safety & comfort for your patients & staff. Contact us at 585-203-9200 to schedule a facility inspection or consultation.