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Mission Health + Home serves hospitals & medical facilities in Rochester, Syracuse, & Buffalo, NY with premier medical equipment. Improve your level of patient care with our specialty beds!

Specialty Beds

Prioritize practicality, functionality, and cost-efficiency when it comes to selecting the appropriate hospital beds for your facility.

Modern hospital beds are designed to improve the safety and functionality of patient care settings, reduce injuries, and minimize physical strain on clinicians and healthcare workers. Mission Health can help you choose the right specialty mattresses for the quality of life for patients and staff as a whole.

What types of specialty beds are available?

Today, specialty hospital beds come with a variety of features. Made with high-density, resilient materials, specialty mattresses can enhance patient positioning and help reduce pressure injuries, and accelerate the healing process.

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All Care Bed
Retracta Bed
Active Care Bed
SelectCare Bed

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