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Mission Health + Home leads the way in providing innovative and compassionate solutions for clinicians, patients, and caregivers throughout Western and Central New York.

As a premier medical and mobility equipment supplier in Rochester, NY, and the Finger Lakes region, our team looks forward to giving you, your loved one, or your patients the opportunity to heal, move, and live better.

Mission Health

You’re busy caring for patients and managing a team of healthcare staff ‒ you don’t always have time to learn about the latest advances in mobility and medical equipment.

Yet, clinicians and healthcare workers still face the challenge of meeting the demanding, varied, and intricate needs of patients each passing year.

Knowing which products and equipment will improve a patient’s journey to recovery is never a one-size-fits-all solution. At Mission Health, we’re here to help you rethink your product utilization and deliver dynamic solutions that help your patients heal and recover faster.

We specialize in serving patients and clinicians across the care continuum. Through partnerships with premier health care facilities, leading edge technologies, and surprising customer service, we are becoming known as the singular source for clinicians seeking to optimize the healing process. With a robust portfolio of healing products and patient-first services, we actively enhance the care provided in any setting.

Mission Home

Finding yourself thrust into the role of caregiver can be a demanding, life-altering event. No matter your situation, know that you have options.

Where does your loved one have the most difficulty moving? Which areas of your home are not equipped and optimized for their safety? Is it time to modify and remodel your house to make way for home access equipment?

At Mission Home, we work with you to find the right products and solutions for your loved one’s home safety needs and your peace of mind.

Mission Mobility

Do you have trouble walking throughout the day? Do you fall frequently or have difficulty keeping your balance? After sitting in a chair, do you struggle to get up safely and comfortably?

If you require extra assistance or would like to explore your options, the Mission Health + Home team is ready to help you find the right products for your mobility needs. Discover newfound freedom, move comfortably, regain your independence, and enhance your quality of life!

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