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Advanced Wheelchair & Vertical Platform Lifts

When your family member is aging in place or has high accessibility needs, you can rely on the durability and delivery of a vertical platform lift.

Based in Rochester, NY, Mission Health + Home is a leading supplier of vertical platform and wheelchair lifts. Serving clients and caregivers throughout Syracuse and the Greater Buffalo-Niagara region, we also supply and install stair lifts, ceiling lifts, and home modification services.

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Vertical Platform Lifts

Whether your loved one uses a scooter, wheelchair, or power chair, our team can help put them in control with a safe and high-performing vertical platform lift.

With the powerful Bruno® Residential Vertical Platform Lift, your loved one will have optimal access to their home with the simple push of a button. Compact and high-performing, Bruno’s Residential VPL functions smoothly and quietly, carrying up to 750 pounds with a reach of up to 14 feet ‒ without taking up significant square footage.

The frigid winters in Western and Central New York are also no match for the Bruno Residential VPL’s protective coating and weatherproof controls. So no matter how cold the temperatures get, you can rest assured your loved one can enter and exit their home with confidence and ease.

Wheelchair ramp vs. vertical platform lift: Which is right for you?
Technological advancements have made vertical platform lifts more affordable and accessible in recent years. VPL’s are user-friendly, maintenance-free, and especially beneficial to individuals who need access through tighter spaces.

While both wheelchair ramps and vertical platform lifts are ADA-compliant, VPL’s are quickly becoming a popular alternative for their compactness, durability, and quick installation.


What is a vertical platform lift?

A vertical platform lift is a device designed to lift people and mobility devices (such as wheelchairs or scooters) vertically from one level to another. They are commonly used to provide accessibility in homes or public buildings.

How does a vertical platform lift work?

Vertical platform lifts work using a motor and a lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism can vary depending on the model, but it typically involves a platform that moves up and down along a vertical track.

What are the benefits of a vertical platform lift?

Vertical platform lifts can provide a number of benefits for senior-age customers, including improved accessibility, increased independence, and enhanced safety. They can also help to prevent falls and reduce the risk of injury.

Can a vertical platform lift be installed in any home?

While vertical platform lifts can be installed in many homes, it’s important to consider factors such as the available space, the height of the lift, and the weight capacity. A professional installer can help you determine whether a vertical platform lift is a feasible option for your home.

How much does a vertical platform lift cost?

The cost of a vertical platform lift can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the lift, the weight capacity, and the features included. It’s important to get a quote from a professional installer to get an accurate estimate of the cost.


Are vertical platform lifts safe?

Yes, vertical platform lifts are designed with safety in mind. They typically include features such as safety gates, emergency stop buttons, and backup power supplies. It’s important to ensure that your vertical platform lift is installed by a professional to ensure it is installed safely.

How do I maintain my vertical platform lift?

Vertical platform lifts require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to operate safely and effectively. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and to have the lift inspected by a professional at least once a year.

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