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Innovative Support Surface Solutions

Mission Health + Home can help you explore your options when it comes to Support Surface solutions. By choosing the right surfaces for your facility, you can prevent pressure injuries in your patients, help them heal faster, and enhance their overall treatment experience and well-being.

We supply a dynamic selection of medical therapy mattresses, prevention surfaces, ROHO® seating surfaces, and patient handling solutions for a variety of applications. If you’re located in Rochester, Buffalo, or Syracuse, NY, get in touch with the Mission team today!

Preventative Surfaces & Therapeutic Mattresses

A therapeutic mattress assists a patient’s recovery by the prevention and or treatment of Stage I-IV pressure injuries and other complications. Advanced therapy mattress systems provide optimal pressure redistribution, support, comfort through pain mitigation ‒ all vital for patients who are spending extensive time in a hospital bed. 

What is a therapeutic mattress & how do therapy mattress systems work?

Support surfaces are mattress systems, and other devices uniquely designed to redistribute pressure loads, reduce shearing forces, and control heat and moisture. 

Through the properties of Immersion and Envelopment, support surfaces redistribute peak pressure loads, providing full-body support and an increase in comfort 

Therapeutic support surfaces come in a variety of designs from high-density foams and gels, to more advanced powered and non-powered systems. 

What are the benefits of a therapeutic mattress?

Therapeutic mattresses are custom designed to redistribute pressure patients of all ages, weights, and body dimensions.

Both therapy and preventive surfaces can improve circulation, regulate body temperature, promote better rest, and minimize friction and shear force, all of which can reduce pressure injuries and accelerate a patient’s healing and recovery.

Seating Surfaces

Adequate support surfaces can have lasting positive effects on a patient’s recovery.

Custom designed with innovative air cell-based technology, ROHO® cushions are the future of patient care. Let Mission Health guide you on choosing the right seating surfaces by ROHO® to reduce pressure injuries in your patients.

How do ROHO® cushions work?
Custom designed with innovative air cell-based technology, ROHO® cushions are the future of patient care. ROHO® cushions match a patient’s unique shape and follow and better immerse with their bodily contours and daily movements.

ROHO cushions come in a variety of cell heights. They yield better air control than traditional wheelchair or hospital seating surfaces.

What are the benefits of ROHO® cushions?

ROHO® cushions minimize pressure, friction, and shear force, helping to reduce the risk of pressure sores and ulcers. They are beneficial to immobile patients or those who are at risk of developing pressure sores.

Because they can help improve circulation and blood flow, they are especially beneficial to patients suffering from diabetes and heart disease.

Take your patient care to the next level with preventative seating surfaces. Contact us at 585-203-9200 to schedule an assessment.