Do you struggle with mobility? Has getting in and out of a chair become a painful chore? If so, you may benefit from a lift chair in your home! Mission Health + Home, located in Rochester, NY, is here with all the information you need about these mobility solutions.

If you are looking for lift chairs, or other mobility solutions such as scooters or powered wheelchairs in or around the Rochester, NY area, contact the experts at Mission Health + Home today!

What Is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair looks and acts very similar to your run-of-the-mill recliner, with a few key differences. Lift chairs contain a powerful lifting mechanism that can be tilted forward at the push of a button to help the user return to the standing position. When seated, however, you may use it as a traditional armchair, where you can sit back and recline with ease.

Because they look so similar to regular recliners, lift chairs can fit directly into your home, providing comfort and style and reaping the benefits of added, effortless mobility! They are available in various color options, styles, and sizes. They can come with optional features, such as heating, massaging, and preset positions. From vinyl and leather to cloth, you will find a style that fits you.

Who Are Lift Chairs Made For?

Lift chairs are made to benefit anyone who has trouble with the transition from the seated to standing positions, whether it be from balance, mobility, or recovery issues. The seat’s ability to lift you up and forward gives you a vital head start in the process of standing and takes out the most challenging part of the transition from sitting to standing.

Due to lift chairs coming with a variety of features such as heating and massaging, they can also provide more therapeutic benefits while seated. On top of all this, they are also just as comfortable, if not more, than the recliner currently in your home, all without the hassle it takes to get out of it.

Are they Safe?

Yes, lift chairs are safe, although it is a common question asked by people looking into them for the first time. Although the forward lifting motion may seem daunting, especially if you have struggled with mobility for a while, lift chairs are built with seniors and the mobility impaired in mind. The motion is slow and gentle and can be controlled via the chair’s remote control (used by most modern lift chairs).

How to Get A Lift Chair

In the greater Rochester area, your local lift chair experts are at Mission Health + Home! Their experienced team can help you pick the right model based on your needs. They also offer a free home evaluation, so we can help you decide if a lift chair is right for you.

You can also find lift chairs for rent if you only need one for temporary use while recovering from an injury or surgery.

Never Get Stuck Again

Suppose you struggle with mobility, especially when transitioning from seated to standing positions. In that case, it may be time to replace your traditional recliner with a lift chair; if you are in the Rochester, NY area and looking for an expert team to help you through this process, contact Mission Health + Home today!