What Is An Active Care Bed?

Modern hospital beds are designed to improve the safety and functionality of patient care settings, reduce injuries, and minimize physical strain on clinicians and healthcare workers. Mission Health can help you choose the right specialty bed for the quality of life of patients, caregiving staff, and family members.

Mission Health + Home is here to provide expertise on how Active Care beds work, who they benefit, and why they are important for patients’ health. Contact Mission Health + Home in Rochester, NY, to discover how we can aid in your at-home comfort.

Active Care Beds: The Basics

Thective Care bed is a hospital bed designed to provide a higher level of comfort, safety, and support for patients who need assistance with activities of daily living. These beds are often used in long-term care settings such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

The Active Care bed is different from a traditional hospital bed because it has features allowing the patient to sit up in the bed without lifting themselves out of it first. This makes it easier for them to eat meals, get dressed and use the bathroom independently without requiring help from staff or family members.

Who Can Benefit from an Active Care Bed?

The Active Care bed can benefit a wide variety of individuals, including:

    • Those with limited mobility due to chronic illness or condition
    • Individuals recovering from surgery or injury
    • People who have trouble getting out of bed on their own

How Does an Active Care Bed Work?

Active Care beds use technologies and a rotating mechanism to provide comfort and support for patients. The technology behind an Active Care bed includes:

  • An adjustable bed frame system that allows you to raise or lower the head and foot of your bed as needed.
  • A remote control with customizable settings so users can adjust their position based on what feels best at any given time.
  • One Button SafeTurn Exit — exclusive feature that fully automates the bed to turn into a chair and allow the patient to safely enter and exit the bed.
  • Full Chair Position — full chair position to allow the patient the ability to sit in the bed for added comfort. Watch TV, eat a meal, and socialize with family and friends while remaining comfortably in bed.
  • RollBack in Place™ — head of bed can articulate to 80 degrees with the assistance of rollback in place to alleviate shearing/friction in the lower back.

Benefits of an Active Care Bed

An Active Care bed provides many benefits over traditional hospital beds:

Lowered Risk of Injury

The ability to raise and lower yourself makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed without assistance from another person, reducing your risk of falling or injuring yourself as you transfer from one position to another.

Increased Comfort and Support

Reduced Strain on Caregivers

Caregiving staff and family members can face a high amount of strain when providing aid to those with limited mobility. An Active Care bed will help the individual become more independent and reduce the need for caregivers to do any heavy lifting.

Aid Your Recovery with Mission Health + Home

An Active Care bed is a great option for those facing long-term recovery from an injury or illness or those looking to age in place at home. It can help you stay safe, comfortable, and more independent, even if you have limited mobility.

Mission Health + Home in Rochester, NY, is here to help your recovery go as smoothly and comfortably as possible. If you’re interested in purchasing an Active Care bed or want more information about how they can benefit your home and loved ones, contact us today!