Medical Equipment Supply Company in Rochester, NY & Pineville, NC | Mission Health and Home

Core Purpose


To Give Others the Opportunity for a Better Life


Core Values

Think of Others First

Bring Your Best Self Everyday

Go the Unexpected Extra Mile

Choose Joy in the Challenge

Work Hard to Keep Learning

Our Story

Thomas Edison has been quoted as saying, “People often don’t recognize an opportunity because it shows up wearing overalls and looking a lot like hard work.”

While you probably won’t ever find us wearing overalls, we do believe we recognize opportunity and embrace the hard work that comes along with it. In 2008, business partners Ron Rene’ and Jonathan Walters launched Mission Health and Home, Inc in order to provide comfort and healing to those patients across the Rochester community in need of wound care. In 2016, seeing an opportunity to serve those aging in place and struggling to safely modify their homes and maintain independence, Mission Health and Home was born. It quickly became clear that the strengths of both organizations served the other well, and a merger was announced with the rebranding and consolidation under Mission Health + Home.

Over the past several years our company has grown both in size and in scope, transforming from solely a product solutions provider and emerging as a knowledge based leader focused on creating an innovative strategy to meet the needs of those we serve.

Care Principles

Showing Empathy – self identifying with the situation or circumstances of others enables us to bring help and hope to those in need. We have an incredible opportunity to come alongside members of our community – to listen, respond, and make a move towards improving their well being.

All People – seems obvious of course, but our approach must be – every person matters every time. We believe that individualized care will change the current health model and our responsibility is to do work that will positively impact customers, caregivers, and clinicians.

Accepting Change – not for the sake of change but for the benefit of others. We know that a consistent pattern of evaluation and feedback coupled with personal and corporate development enables us to be better partners in care to those we serve.

Wise Choices – the driving force for the best care strategies. We are committed to a unique and specific service model with a common sense approach to evaluating the information provided, including the voice of the customer, and making expert decisions with the evidence in one hand and experience in the other.

Updating Technology – innovation and development of new ideas is not only exciting, but the correct application can truly change lives. We will consistently seek out and identify products and services that have the ability to enhance the healing and helping experience for our customers.