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microAIR lateral rotation mattresses

The microAIR lateral rotation mattresses provide pressure relief and moisture maintenance for residents who need to be turned for pressure relief or other health indications. The MA90Z and MA 95Z mattresses are designed with the patented z-cell air cell design which allows for a more comfortable and smoother rotation. For the safety and comfort of the resident and caregiver, the microAIR state of the art technology monitors the blower and compressor speeds to maintain the appropriate surface pressure once it has been set. Constant air pressure side bolsters help contain the resident on the mattress. Another protective measure of the microAIR 90 series therapeutic systems for resident safety is that they recenter the resident between rotations. Also, the lateral rotation mode will be automatically stopped with a bed in fowler or upright mode. As with other microAIR mattresses, these therapeutic systems offer relief for pressure ulcers from Stages I to IV.

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