Written by Joe Ferrante – joe@missionhealthandhome.com

Science says…we suck?!?!

Mission Health and Home is an organization strongly driven by its values. We process everything we do through our mission, core values, and care principles. One of the many ways this is evident is how all of the products we use are meticulously chosen by filtering them through our three-tiered value system. That system helps us to determine if a particular technology or service can truly impact the customer we serve for the better.

One of our care principles is displayed through the consistent updating of the technology we use and provide. Innovation and the development of new products and services are not only exciting but can truly change lives when they are correctly applied. We will consistently seek out and identify products and services that have the ability to enhance the healing and helping experience for our customers.

That is why we offer Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). When it comes to treating chronic wounds in the continuum of care, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy has been an essential and effective treatment since its inception. NPWT is a wound healing technique that uses a medical-grade suction pump and an advanced dressing to remove excess exudate, mechanically pull wound edges together and increase blood flow to the wound bed. Since its inception in the 1990’s not been a lot of innovation in wound vacuum technology… until Medela.

Medela is a global leader in medical vacuum solutions with over fifty years of experience, and you may even recognize the name from their world-renown breast pump technology. It was an easy choice for Mission Health and Home to align with the leadership and innovation of Medela. With our service model, coupled with their technology, we are able to make a real difference in wound care.

Wound care is most likely the only area in which Mission Health and Home can proudly state, “We suck more than the competition.” This is not only a provocative statement; it is a recently tested and published reality.

Medela has innovated the standard of care that was set for NPWT with two crucial and game-changing innovations: DYNAMIC EXUDATE REMOVAL and INTELLIGENT PRESSURE CONTROL. 

The attached study “Supplement to WOUNDS®” was published in October and shows that Medela, in fact, does “suck more” by removing 89% more fluid over the biggest industry competitor. If you are a clinician serving in wound care, it is worth the time to read. 

We at Mission Health are proud partners of Medela, and will continue to live out our care principal of continuously updating technology by providing the best in innovative/life-changing technology.

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