Winter is upon us, and with it comes its own set of challenges. To name just a few, the snow and ice can make it increasingly more difficult to get around and can cause injuries from slips and falls, especially if you already have trouble with mobility. Luckily, Mission Health + Home is here with a few helpful tips to get you through this winter as surefooted as possible.

Read on to learn more, and if you are in the Rochester, NY, area, and are interested in how Mission Health + Home can help you and your mobility, contact us today!

Proper Gear

Making sure you have the proper gear can get you out of many slippery situations. If you need to walk in wintery conditions, make sure you are wearing a good set of stable boots or shoes that are made for this season. Ensuring your feet stay firmly planted is the most important step for avoiding winter injuries.

If you struggle with mobility, consider investing in a mobility solution like a scooter. A mobility scooter will greatly increase your comfort and confidence when you need to get somewhere. In addition, having a mobility scooter will ensure that you don’t have to worry about falls or slips on ice.

If you would like more information on mobility scooters and how they can improve your life, get in touch with the experts at Mission Health + Home today!

Stay Alert & Plan Your Route

If you find yourself needing to walk through the snow or ice, make sure to plan ahead and know what route you are going to be taking. By doing this, you’ll cut down on unknowns and, if you know the route well, you will already be aware of potential hazards. This is even more important if you use a mobility scooter, as you must ensure that your route’s surface is suitable for it.

Also, be sure to keep your eyes where you are headed while walking. Pay attention and take note of changes in elevation, surface type, and surface condition. If one of these obstacles does come across your path, don’t be afraid to adjust your route as needed.

Keep Your Hands Free

In the freezing temperatures, we absolutely recommend a pair of gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm, but it is also very important that you keep them available. Keeping your hands free and out of your pockets or avoiding carrying heavy loads (which can also be very dangerous in itself) in order to keep balance better could save you in a pinch!

Advance Slowly & Deliberately

Focus on where you are headed. Make sure you are slowing down when you need to. You can also help stability by taking small, deliberate steps and choosing where you put your foot down. By making sure you are cognizant and aware of the steps you are making or which way you are headed, you cut down on the small little mistakes that in drier seasons would not matter, but in the slippery winter, could cause a bad accident.

Use Handrails When Available

This one goes without saying, but it is always good to be reminded! In icy conditions, it is always best to use handrails whenever they are available. Be sure to use the railings from start to finish as well, as many accidents that occur on stairs happen when entering or exiting the stair set.

Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Happy

Although the winter brings with it certain challenges to mobility, it also brings much more. Especially this holiday season, the winter is a time when we get to see our family, share in traditions, and make new memories with the ones we love. By sticking to some of these safety tips, you are helping to ensure your continued health to your loved ones so they know the time they get with you will be full of joy.

If you do happen to have a fall this winter that leaves you struggling with mobility, Mission Health + Home has everything you may need to get you going again. From mobility scooters and stairlifts to advanced therapy, we have you covered.

From everyone here at Mission Health + Home, we wish you the very happiest of holidays. We hope it is spent safely and happily with your friends and family.